The Best Ways to Commute to Work in NYC

There are many ways NYC commutes to work. They can either take the train, a taxi, an Uber, or even walk to work. Some commuters choose to use the train. To use the train, they must first make sure they are using the correct train station and that is the correct time of where it is going. Then commuters will have to stop at the kiosk and purchase a “metrocard”. To purchase a “metrocard”, the commuter will go to the kiosk and put money on a card, the commuter can put different increments amounts with the lowest being $5.50 and that gets two rides or they can get an unlimited card if they use the train often. Then they will go and swipe the card to be let in towards the trains. They will then get on the correct train and go to the station closest to their destination and walk to the remainder of the way, Trains only leave the station at certain times and make multiple stops so commuters have to check times and make sure they have enough time to get to work at the correct time.

Another way to commute to work in NYC, which is the preferred way of Judge Napolitano, is by taxi. To get a taxi, commuters must find a taxi that is available by looking at the lights on top, if one light in the middle is on then the taxi is ready for customers. The commuter must hail the taxi and wait for one to stop and pick them up. Taxi’s mostly only accept cash but are a private and direct way for NYC commuters to get to work. Traffic is sometimes an issue but they don’t make any extra stops along the way and the taxi drivers are good at finding alternate ways if traffic is too bad.

An Uber is a comparable way to commute to work like the taxi but they order an Uber by an app that they can download on their phone. NYC commuters order their Uber beforehand and are able to pay through the app. The Uber comes to pick you up and takes them to their destination. Again, they plan on traffic and make sure they have enough time to make it to work on time. +

Some commuters decide to walk to work depending on the distance. It is a great way for them to see some great sights like walking through the many parks they have and get in some exercise. Walking to work can be relaxing and then they can have time to think about things before the work day. They can also pick up some coffee or lunch from the many shops they have. Commuters can save money on gas and they don’t have to try to find parking in the busy city. With all these wonderful options, how hard would it be for NYC commuters to pick one way to work?


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