Beer, the Health Food That You Drink Anyway

How much do you know about your beer? You might be shocked to learn that beer is not the indifferent wingman you were led to believe. It turns out that this favourite ancient beverage, and friend of working men and women the world over, has secretly been enhancing our lives. Beer may have been providing you with health benefits disguised as a guilty pleasure. Yes, it is true, your beer might be trying to save your life. Modern science has uncovered multiple ways in which beer has been undermining your good time, by providing actual health benefits.

  • Keeping You Young:  Although it is not the fountain of youth, even if it seems that way at the beginning of an evening. Beer does have anti-aging properties. While you may have simply been trying to discover the best brewery in Sydney. Beer has been increasing the potency of your bodies Vitamin E. The benefits of Vitamin E are extensive, including more collagen in your skin, improved brain function as well as boosting immunity and delaying the onset of grey hair.
  • Better Smiles: Everyone knows beer provides a little boost with inhibitions and social courage. But did you know that beer is in fact working behind the scenes to improve your dental health. It’s true. Beer fights biofilm, which is a precursor to plaque and basically the beach head bacteria uses to attack your enamel, giving you stains, cavities and gum disease. Painless whiter smiles, secretly provided by beer.
  • Stronger Heart and Bones: Beer is rich in silicon. Which is an important mineral for building strong bones.  Beer provides silicon through orthosilisic acid, which apparently the body finds irresistible and then turns it into better bone density. Your heart is also an unwitting benefactor of Beer. Multiple comprehensive studies have shown that drinking beer can lower the risk of heart disease by 25%. With numbers like that, your favourite lager might just save your life.
  • Digestion: Having a beer with your meal? You thought you were being a bit of a rebel, but you have been fooled. That beer is almost a medicine. Beer has tricked you into taking B vitamins and polyphenols. Not only are you encouraging the release of beneficial gastric acid, beer is helping you break down that cheeseburger and fries by attacking the fat carbs and protein, while the polyphenols are creating a pre-biotic effect, stimulating the increase of good bacteria.
  • May Prevent Cancer: If the above benefits weren’t already sufficient, beer may help you fight cancer. Little did you know that a secret ingredient of beer is Xanthohumol. Classified as a flavonoid, Xanthohumol has chemopreventive properties that are strong cancer inhibitors.

So maybe you want to reconsider your relationship with beer. Now that you know that it is essentially a double agent. Promising you an evening devoid of responsibility and mature choices, but then supplying you with a virtual apothecary of health supplements. Of course, you can fight back. Overindulgence in alcohol will reduce or eliminate all the benefits of beer, so you still have a choice to fight back. It’s all up to you.



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