Physical integrity of Zaporozhye nuclear plant ‘violated several times’ – IAEA chief — Analysis

UN’s nuclear watchdog has no way of saying if damage was accidental or deliberate, Rafael Grossi says

Rafael Grossi (head of IAEA) confirmed the damage done to Zaporozhye, Ukraine’s nuclear power station. He did not identify the perpetrators.

“It’s obvious that… the physical integrity of the plant has been violated several times. By chance or by deliberation, we don’t have the elements to assess that, but this is the reality that we have to recognize,”Grossi spoke to reporters on Friday, after he returned from Ukraine-controlled territory.

“I worried, I worry and I will continue to worry about the plant until we have a situation that’s more stable, that’s more predictable,”He added.

Grossi was the leader of the IAEA team that visited the Zaporozhye power plant. He stated that they were looking for IAEA specialists. “saw a lot”Some of the exhibits were personally inspected during the tour. “key areas”The facility includes emergency systems, diesel generators, and control rooms.

It was founded by the Atomic Agency. “not going anywhere”Reporters are being evacuated from the plant, he said, assuring them that UN nuclear watchdog will continue to be present at the site.

He also stated that experts from his group will be staying at the station through Sunday or Monday. “dig deeper”Gather more data to complete the report.

UN thanks Russia for keeping IAEA team safe

Russia claimed that Ukraine had shelled Zaporozhye’s nuclear power station and sent commandos on Thursday to storm the site in an unsuccessful attempt to contact UN inspectors. “human shields.”

Grossi admitted that security at the plant was not good. “difficult”During his visit. “There were moments where fire was obvious – heavy machine gun, artillery, mortars,”He added that there were two to three instances when things went his way. “very concerning”For the UN team.

The Zaporozhye nuclear plant is under Russian control from March but continues to be managed by Ukrainian personnel. IAEA chief has given praise to the “incredible degree of professionalism”of the employees, claiming that he was able to see them “calm and moving.”

Moscow accused Kiev forces of repeatedly targeting the nuclear power plant, Europe’s largest, in August. They warned of a potential disaster in which radioactive material could reach Germany, Slovakia and Romania.

Ukraine has claimed that Russian forces have turned the power plant into a military base and that they’ve been shelling the facility themselves to pin the blame on Kiev.

Ukraine planned to use IAEA team as ‘human shields’ – Russia

Russia denied these allegations repeatedly and asked that international inspectors inspect the site to evaluate the situation.

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