Americans don’t want Biden to run again – poll — Analysis

Latest poll shows 71% of respondents opposed to the idea of President Joe Biden’s second term

According to a poll conducted by The Hill in Washington, DC on Friday, only 29% Americans support President Joe Biden running again for office in 2024. 71% opposed Biden’s second term as White House President. The same poll showed the 79-year-old Democrat’s overall approval rating was down to just 38%.

This is the startling result of the Harvard CAPS–Harris Poll survey conducted on June 28-29 among 1,308 registered American voters, shared exclusively with The Hill. Of those who said Biden should not run for re-election, 45% said it was because he’s a bad president. One third claimed he is too old. A quarter of respondents said it was high time for change.

“President Biden may want to run again but the voters say ‘no’ to the idea of a second term, panning the job he is doing as president,” said Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS–Harris Poll survey. “Only 30 percent of Democrats would even vote for him in a Democratic presidential primary,”Penn was added.

The poll showed Biden’s approval at 38% overall, getting even worse when it came to his handling of the US economy (32%) and inflation (28%). His approval rating for creating new jobs was 43%, and his handling of the Covid-19 epidemic at 50%.

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In March, the same pollster showed Biden’s approval at 40% in March, with former president Donald Trump beating him in a hypothetical 2024 match-up by a six-point margin. 

Even though Trump’s popularity was lower, June respondents still believed he should not be running for the presidency in 2024. With 61% opposing, only 39% said Trump should give it another chance at the White House. The former president’s critics fell into three almost evenly split camps, with 36% calling him “erratic,” 33% saying he was too divisive, and 30% holding him responsible for the January 6 Capitol riot – a claim made by the special congressional committee in the weeklong televised hearings, during which the poll was conducted.

Faced with a choice between Biden and Trump, 60% of the Harvard CAPS–Harris Poll respondents said they would consider a “moderate independent candidate” instead. This sentiment was expressed by 64% and 53% respectively of Republicans and Democrats.

Harris Poll and Harvard University Center for American Political Studies are yet to release the final results. They used a Harris Online sample, which was adjusted for known demographics to draw their respondents.

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