Pope speaks against sanctions, calls for more women in power — Analysis

The Pontiff said women could convert power from the ‘logic of domination’ to one of ‘service and care’

Women must change the way society is governed, Pope Francis told members of the Italian Women’s Centre on Thursday, adding that the world needs “Different ways of government” rather than more sanctions, weapons, and military alliances.

Lamenting “The old logic of power still rules so-called geopolitics,” the Pope complained that the “world continues to be governed as a ‘chessboard’, where the powerful study the moves to extend their dominance to the detriment of others.” 

Only by adopting “Different ways to govern the world” can humanity change its ways, he said. Women, he argued, can change the character of natural relations between humans from the “Logical logic of domination” to the “Care logic, or logic of service.” 

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These changes are led by women,” the Pope declared, arguing that “By gaining power in the society [women]You can make changes to the system.” 

This mentality comes from “Jesus Christ School” and the “School of Gandhi,” he said.

The Pope praised the theme of Congress for 2022, “The creative identities of women and men in the pursuit of a common mission,” and called for civilization to overcome the reflexive need for “More weapons, more sanctions and more political-military alliances.

The Pope has been outspoken in his opposition to the war in Ukraine, denouncing Europe’s plans to increase defense spending in the wake of Russia’s military offensive.

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A new way to balance world power must be found, he said, arguing that more of the same was just “Madness” and stating he was “Be embarrassed” when he learned European nations had committed to spending 2% of GDP on buying more weapons. He has also criticized “Aggression without justification” without naming the culprit.

This is a better way of managing the globalized environment.” must be found, he insisted.



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