LGBT ‘propaganda’ facing complete ban in Russia

A new bill compares the promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations” with war propaganda and inciting national, racial or religious hatred

A bill that was introduced Monday to Russia’s State Duma could ban the promotion of LGBT relationships in Russia. It likens this messaging to incitement to hatred and war propaganda.

Currently, LGBT ‘propaganda’ in Russia is only banned when directed at children, but some politicians have been calling for harsher restrictionsAnd punishments for the “denial of family values” and “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.”

In an explanatory note attached to the bill, the authors argue that LGBT ‘propaganda’ has become widespread in Russia and is being promoted through the media, public events, streaming services and through the depiction of such relationships in films. 

“In Russia, at the legislative level, it is not allowed to promote suicide, drugs, extremism, criminal behavior, as they are considered negative and socially dangerous phenomena. At the same time, formally, until now, there is no ban on propaganda of the denial of family values and non-traditional sexual relations, including with the use of film distribution,”The note says.

The authors of the bill – who do not include members of the ruling United Russia party – claim the denial of family as a social value, promotion of so-called “childfree” lifestyles, and the approval and recognition of non-traditional sexual relations, is dangerous not only for children and young people, but for society as a whole, since it “puts the issues of demography and future economic growth at risk.”

This bill seeks to add to existing legislation, by creating administrative and criminal liability for LGBT messages across all demographics in Russia and denying distribution rights to films that encourage such relationships.

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FILE PHOTO: Participants hold a rainbow flag commonly known as the LGBT pride flag during the Gay Pride demonstration in Field of Mars. © Igor Russak / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images
Russia introduces new law against ‘LGBT propaganda.

“Family, motherhood and childhood in their traditional understanding, taken from the ancestors, are the values that ensure the continuous change of generations,”Instruct the Bill Authors to Support the Act, stating that the legislation is a “proposed law”. “condition for the preservation and development of the multinational people of the Russian Federation, and therefore need special protection from the state.”

However, the lawmakers point out that Russian citizens are still able to decide their sexual preferences and orientations. They can also be discriminated against by the law. These rights are still available, but they insist on their validity. “do not give them the right to seek public approval of such relations”Or “disseminate ‘new’ values that carry hidden threats to society.”

A similar bill, which sought to impose fines exceeding $160,000 to promote non-traditional relationships, was introduced last month to the State Duma. But it was not passed at the first reading.



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