Alex Jones’ wife arrested on Christmas eve — Analysis

Erika Wulff Jones was the wife to celebrity shock jockey Alex Jones. She was arrested on Christmas Eve for an unrelated incident that was allegedly not related to InfoWars founder, Alex Jones’ controversial political views.

According to the Associated Press on Friday, Mrs Jones was arrested in Austin for causing bodily injury to a family member as well as resisting arrest. As of Saturday afternoon, Jones had not received her bond.

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Alex Jones confirmed that his wife’s arrest was the result of “a private family matter that happened on Christmas Eve.”

Jones also insisted that his wife’s arrest had nothing to do with his controversial political views and “wasn’t some kind of personal hateful thing or anything.”

My wife is my best friend and I am deeply in love with her.

InfoWars’ founder has filed a lawsuit Monday against Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker) and the Jan 6 Congressional committee, accusing them both of trying to undermine their authority. “satiate a political witch hunt”After he was subpoenaed, he provided documents about his participation in the Capitol protest in January.

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