What to Know About Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’ on Disney+

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting weirder and weirder—in a good way. Marvel’s bold trailer for Moon Knight The first series of TV shows, which will air in 2022 on ABC, features Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke. These creepy images suggest that the studio may be pursuing the realms of the supernatural. A story about an Egyptian god controlling someone, a cult leader and even werewolves.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which was established last year, officially expanded to television. It now has four original shows. WandaVision, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki, Hawkeye. The series, however, was not based on actors who were previously part of MCU films. Moon KnightA whole new cast of characters will be introduced.

Isaac portrays the Moon Knight, an enigmatic vigilante suffering from dissociative identification disorder. Hawke said that he would play the role of a leader who inspires Moon Knight’s new powers. Here’s everything you need to know before the show hits Disney+ on March 30.

Who are the Moon Knights?

Marc Spector, the son of a Chicago Rabbi, a heavyweight fighter boxer, an ex Marine and a mercenary, is depicted in comics. Marc visits Egypt to conduct an assignment at the archeological dig. Marc finds himself in an abandoned dig. As he slowly freezes, Marc sees a vision of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, who tells him that he’s the living embodiment of the god on earth.

Marc dies but then reawakens with powers he doesn’t fully understand. Moon Knight is his name because of the way that Marc’s abilities change with the moon cycle.

He is a rich playboy and vigilante in the comics. He’s often called Marvel’s answer to Batman—probably because of the whole wealthy guy who is haunted by darkness bit—but his stories are a lot stranger. This tale combines Egyptian mythology with modern stories about someone who has mental illnesses.

Is Moon Knight suffering from dissociative identity disorder

Yes. Marc now has dissociative identification disorder. There are multiple characters in Marc’s life, including the playboy Steven Grant and Jake Lockley (cab driver). Marc has many memories. Marc can’t remember how they got there.

These details may change in the TV adaptation. Steven appears to be working in a museum gift shop.

In which role does Ethan Hawke appear? Moon Knight?

Ethan Hawke’s first venture into the world of superhero movies and TV is as Arthur Harrow. Moon Knight’s villain. Arthur, a comics character, is nominated to the Nobel Prize for his pain tolerance research. Comics reveal that he is employed by O.M.I.N.U.M. he uses unprofessional methods to test human subjects with Nazi-inspired methodologies.

It’s unclear how much of this backstory the TV show will actually adopt. Hawke said Late nightSeth Myers, host of the show, said that Arthur is a leader in a cult. “I based my character on David Koresh,” he said, referring to the leader of the the Branch Davidians. Indeed, the trailer shows a large group kneeling before Arthur. It appears he is a fake prophet.

Arthur could be a leader of a cult who worships Khonshu, and wants Marc to take control.

Werewolf of the Night: Who?

Werewolf by Night, another Marvel character is seen in the trailer. Moon Knight appears to briefly attack the werewolf in this trailer. It’s unclear how he fits into the larger plot of the show. It is also believed that Werewolf by Night may be receiving a Halloween-y special.

Blade will appear in? Moon Knight?

Maybe! However, we have the ability to dream. We can dream, however. BladeMahershala Ai’s reboot has been in production for years. The Eternals teased the vampire’s eventual MCU debut. This is the conclusion. Moon Knight is the MCU’s first foray into its more horror-esque, supernatural comics, and a werewolf will make an appearance, it’s reasonable to theorize that the Daywalker may make his MCU debut in Moon Knight.

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