Switching IT Companies in 2021? Here’s What You Need to Look For

Your business’s success depends on the support of a good IT company. This IT company ensures that all your IT services perform optimally.

What does an IT company do?

  • They fix your bugs
  • They back up your data
  • They oversee your security
  • They manage your IT infrastructure
  • They supply and install IT systems, DSL services, network, and high-quality telecoms

If your IT company no longer provides these services efficiently, it is time to look for another IT company. This article will outline what you should consider when choosing another IT company.

Their Commitment

The response time and communication processes vary for every IT company. Ask them about:

  • The duration that they take to respond
  • Their swiftness in resolving an issue
  • The duration they take if onsite support is needed
  • Monitoring time- 24/7 VS just during normal business hours

It is important to rely not only on what they say, but how they respond in your actual interactions with them. Let them support their responses with metrics and facts. 

Their Industry Expertise

The company should be in a position to serve your IT needs well. Look for the most important subject matter in your industry and ask yourself whether the IT company can provide better-customized reliable IT services for that subject. 

For example, if you are in the healthcare sector, the IT company should be versed in HIPAA, EHRs, and practice management software. 

The IT company should also be in a capacity to act as your consultant. They should fully disclose the impact that they bring to your business. IT compliance for government regulations and your business should also be a priority.

The company should have tools that block any data intrusion, providing a safe IT environment to prevent malware, viruses, and hackers from accessing your important data. More importantly, look for an IT company that provides offsite and onsite backups to ensure that you do not lose your confidential data in case of an attack on your systems. 

Their Technical Expertise

The IT company should have an experienced and highly trained team of technicians who are ready for action at all times. These specialists should ensure that your business follows the best IT practices, and should be available to help you with your IT infrastructure.

The IT company you choose should have tools that constantly track your networks. These tools should help them unearth and solve any issues that may cause downtime or IT interruptions in your business.

Their Availability and Attention

A good managed IT company should make your business their priority and celebrate your success. Your business’s goals should be very well known to them, and they should work with you to achieve your business goals.

To ensure your business will be their priority, ask the company about their clients and their success rates after using their IT services. If they willingly share their client’s stories and even give you references, they prioritize their customers.

The IT company should also provide your business with proactive IT support; thus, making it easier for you to focus on the other business fields. 

An IT company should make you their priority and make themselves available when you need them. They should also be committed to serving and allocating their best workforce to your business. 

For your business to succeed, look for an IT company with relevant industrial expertise, good prices, and consistent communication.


Chris Turn

Chris Turn is the pseudonym of a journalist and writer who has published short stories, essays, and criticism in the Los Angeles Times, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and the New York Times. Her most recent book, a novel, is The Summoning (The HarperCollins Canada, 2014). She lives with her husband in Toronto.

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