Airline ditches ‘Z’ logo over Russia — Analysis

Due to complaints from customers, the Japanese airline Zipair will be replacing its tail symbol

Low-cost Japanese airlines are changing their logo, and replacing it with a letter. “Z”Its president made the announcement on Friday using a pattern that was geometric. Shingo Nishida stated that Zipair had taken this decision after hearing from a lot of customers about the letter. It was seen on several Russian military vehicles in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

It “Z” was adopted as the company’s logo in 2018, when Zipair was first established as a subsidiary of Japan Airlines. Although the company stated that it would roll out the new design, it will accelerate the process to prevent the perception it is supporting Russia.

“We can confirm that we have received a number of customer comments regarding their feelings toward the design of the current livery,”CNN spoke with a Zipair representative. “As a public transportation company, we are aware that the letter in question has been shown over various media channels on a global scale and how the design may be conceived in a negative way.”

“I think some people might feel that way when they see it without any explanation,”At a Friday press conference, Nishida announced the overhaul and a new US route. Zipair intends to begin flights to San Jose, California starting in December.

Ukraine calls on world to ban ‘Z’

Nishida announced that Zipair will begin putting decals onto all its four Boeing-787 Dreamliners on Saturday. Then, it will gradually repaint them by spring 2023.

The company was set up in 2018 but named Zipair – to represent speed – in March 2019. After pandemic-induced delays, it began passenger and cargo flights in October 2020. Zipair currently connects Tokyo to Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul and two US destinations – Los Angeles, California and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Ukraine called for countries to cease using Z and V in March. The country cited the Roman alphabet symbols as the reason. “aggression”After the war, some Russian military vehicles carried them as identification marks.  

Since then, Switzerland’s Zurich Insurance dropped their “Z”Samsung, the South Korean tech company, has taken the Baltic state letter off its smartphones models. Elle magazine, however, denounced the Russian branch of Elle magazine for printing a cover about the issue. “Generation Z” – an entirely unrelated demographic reference.

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