Germans swear off HUGS and handshakes even after pandemic ends – poll — RT World News

People in the German state of Hessen are reportedly so spooked by Covid-19 that many don’t expect to resume hugging their friends and family members – or even shaking hands – once the pandemic ends.

According to media outlet Hessenschau, almost a third (33%) of those surveyed by AOK Hessen stated that they would continue to avoid hugging their loved ones. A poll revealed that 39% expect to stop ever shaking hands, while 64% say they will cease doing so with strangers.

It is clear that Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on interpersonal interactions and affection. Nearly a quarter of the Germans surveyed, or 23%, said they don’t want to invite visitors into their homes in post-pandemic life.

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“A lot of people have become more cautious and can hardly imagine a normality like before the pandemic,” Hessenschau quoted AOK Hessen’s senior doctor, Angela Smith, as saying.

The insurer also found that 46% of the survey’s 1,000 respondents will no longer go to concerts, movies or other large indoor events. And 40% said they intend to keep wearing surgical masks in some situations, such as when they’re riding on a bus or shopping at a supermarket, when Covid-19 is in the rearview mirror.

City officials in Gelnhausen, a Hessian town about 40 kilometers east of Frankfurt, have canceled plans for this year’s Christmas market because of rising Covid-19 infections, Hessenschau reported. “We regret that very much, but we cannot answer for such an event given the high incidence,”Mayor Daniel Christian Glockner spoke.

The number of covid-19-related infections in Germany reached an all-time high during the week. However, there were stricter guidelines that made it more difficult for residents to be vaccinated. However, mitigation efforts haven’t been altogether successful. For example, 24 people were infected by Covid-19 during a Freigericht choir concert, even though they were prohibited from being present.

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