A Overview of the Top Earring Trends in 2020

The jewelry world is large and varied, allowing people to tailor their jewelry to meet their own unique preferences. Some of the most popular jewelry items include necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Earrings are among the most popular jewelry choice among both men and women. While jewelry has changed over the past few decades, where are a few trends that everyone should note. It is these trends that are going to dictate how people wear their earrings in 2020 and beyond.

First, there is a massive return of hoop earrings in 2020. Many people went toward other earrings options in years past. This caused hoop earrings to see a decrease in the market share overall. Now, it appears that hoop earrings are starting to make a comeback. At the same time, these aren’t the same hoop earrings that decreased in prevalence a few years ago. While there is always going to be room for people who simply want to wear straightforward hoops, many people are looking for unique spins and twists they can place on hoop earrings. This means that there has been a dramatic rise in the various shapes that are out there.

Another major trend that is developing in the world of earrings is the rise of the solo earring. In the past, wearing a single earring was something that was largely seen for guys. Now, this is something that girls can follow as well; however, these aren’t the same single earrings that guys often sport. Instead, this is a solo earring that has been designed to be worn on its own. A single earring is often seen today hanging from a chain that drapes down to the shoulder. Then, there is a massive item on the end of it that instantly grabs the eye. In this manner, these types of earrings are large enough to be worn on their own. For those looking for a solo earring, there are plenty of options from which to choose.

Finally, the world of earrings is also seeing a major shift away from the traditional jewelry design. In the past, traditional earrings were all about meticulously detailed ornamentation on silver and gold earrings. Now, there is a rise in the straight-cut, clean lines that accompany earrings; however, there has also been a large diversification in the choices of earring color. Expect to see some flashy combinations in 2020 and beyond!

These are a few of the most popular earring trends that are showing up in the jewelry industry in 2020. Anyone who is looking for new earrings should be sure to think about these trends. They are sure to play a role in 2020 and beyond.


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