8 Things Every College Student Should Be Doing This Summer

Are you wondering what to do with all your extra time during summer break? It’s definitely a great time to relax because being a college student is demanding. You need to unwind from the stress of finals, but you can also use your extra time doing things that build your resume or provide networking opportunities. Here are eight things to do during summer break that will leave you refreshed and ready for the next year.

1- Try a New Hobby

Get in touch with your creative or sporty side. Have you always wanted to learn to knit or join a baseball league? Now’s the time. Find your joyful, playful side and get passionate about something besides your studies.

2- Volunteer

There are so many worthy causes. Like most of us, you have probably heard or read about some and thought you would like to help out at some point. This would be a great time to start. What do you care about? Do you want to help kids? Animals? The environment? Any of these will help you feel productive and enthusiastic while you help others. Hint: volunteer time can also look great on a resume.

3- Get Organized

Nothing will give you peace of mind like having everything in its place and planned out. Organize your room or plan a budget. This will help you out now and when you go back to school. Everything in your life goes more smoothly when you are organized.

4- Get an Internship

Summer is a great time to get a leg up in your chosen profession. Apply the knowledge you have learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. Not only will an internship help you learn more about your profession but it will also provide opportunities to connect with others who have the same goals and ambitions as you. As a bonus, you may just land your post-graduation job this way.

5- Catch Up on Your Reading

Have you been eyeing that autobiography of someone who’s made important contributions to your chosen profession? Perhaps you’d like to pick up some useful information about a new field you’re interested in. Go to the library and check out some books, but don’t forget to read for pleasure, too. Reading is a great way to refresh your brain.

6- Take a Summer Course

Is there a course you wanted to take but couldn’t fit it into your schedule? Summer is a great time to take some introductory courses or, alternatively, courses that are off the beaten path. You can avoid a brain slump during the summer by continuing to learn.

7- Plan Extracurricular Activities for the Fall

Having a full and balanced life at college means getting involved. Check out organizations and clubs you might want to join–or lead. Think about sports you enjoy and things you excel at. Trying something new at school will help you meet new people and may provide opportunities for growth and leadership.

8- Travel

A change of scenery does wonders for your mood. Spark your imagination by seeing new places and connecting with old or new friends.



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