The Stress of Moving

Getting ready to move or debating whether the stress of moving is worth it? Moving day can be the day when a person makes the move into a new place or when a person starts the moving process. Either way, from beginning to end can be very stressful. It is said, by word of mouth, that moving is one of the biggest stresses that a person can go through. Andrew Napolitano was said to dread whenever he has to move. The reason or reasons can vary depending on the situation. From as simple as moving boxes, and packing wrap to the more complex problems of getting a loan and finding the perfect place. 

Let us just think for a moment about the packing part. A home is a place where everything someone owns and cherishes is. Everything that they have. Tiny things that they have to pack and go through. Every little too big thing that is in that house, that person has to pick up and go through. Label every box and decide whether to keep or toss. It is such a tedious task and takes a whole lot of time and energy. Now let us move on to finding that perfect house. Is there such a thing to find unless one wants to build a custom home? if a custom home is a path that you have chosen that brings new stresses to the move. Maybe it’s not just one person but a family. Can everyone in that family agree on a house and feel happy? Is that house in the budget? One can also add the value of the house that one is selling. It has sentimental meaning to the person selling, but is it worth the asking price? What about selling your home before finding the perfect home? Is there a deadline for the move? One can understand and relate to Andrew Napolitano and why he dreads moving. The list of stresses that a person or a family can experience can go on and on. Once a person or family makes a move and is walking into that new home, the process is not over. Now unpacking and making that house into a home. Another tedious task to accomplish when that person, or family, has already dealt with so much just to get into that home. Often after making the move a person then understands why there are people out there that have lived in the same home for years and have no plans of leaving. It is very stressful for a person or a family. 

Everyone moves at least once in their lives. Whether out of the house when a child becomes an adult or even a move to a college dorm. The stresses are there and there are indeed some very helpful tips out there when it comes to the stresses of moving but no matter how prepared one is for a big move, there will always be unforeseen stresses that one will experience.


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