3 Ways The Newest Generation Differs From The Last

Have you noticed the social disconnect and differences found between the older generation and newer generations as well? With a day and age constantly changing, and being influenced from what seems to be everyone that can hold a phone, it’s not surprising that social changes have been more pertinent in this era than ever before. While grandpa might like to sit back and relax with a good book, young adults these days would rather relax with topical CBD salves, or binge watch a show on Netflix. Although there are many differences between these two generations, I would just like to highlight three that have been brought to my attention recently. 

1-     Technological advancements. The invention of the internet sparked a massive change in the way the world went about information, learning, and entertainment. Ever since then, technology has grown, and the communication found therein has developed more and more as well. Social media platforms not only connected youth with people from all over the world but gave them a voice. Without social media and worldwide media, it would be impossible to take a stand or have a voice in political issues that are happening on the other side of the world. Because of this, the younger generation feels that they not only have the ability to speak out against or in favor of political hot topics, but also the responsibility to do so. Whether or not that’s true, it’s what we’ve noticed the trend has shifted towards.

2-     The younger generation seems to desire to live their lives in a less conventional manner than the older generation has. There’s a bias against desk jobs and mediocrity. A trend has sprouted that the only way to be successful in life is to be on top. You can’t have someone that you work for. Because of this, sales companies and multilevel corporations pitch positions to the youth in which “they work for themselves and they’re the boss.” They still work for the company, but it almost seems like they’re a subcontractor working on their own for the benefit of the corporation as a whole instead of that of another person. 

3-     The newer generation is much more willing to hire work out than the older generations are. Because of this, fields and individuals have become increasingly specialized in certain fields. However, their work and productivity is also increased because of this. Because so much work that used to be done by the person themselves is now being hired out, there’s room to cut down on opportunity cost and endeavor further into the individuals specialty field. One such example is that of Perth House Cleaners. They specialize in everything house cleaning, allowing the employer to focus on their field as well. A couple years ago houses and private properties were commonly only hired out for cleaning the employer was wealthy or the home was too big to be done alone, now it’s a common trend.

Although there are only a few examples here, hopefully I have helped you understand a little more how the younger generation differs from the newer one.

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