6 Tips for Creating a Custom Headstone for Your Loved One

You might assume that you have limited options when it comes to custom headstones. However, there are more style and design options for creating a memorial maker that honors a loved one’s final resting place. If you have visited a cemetery, you may have seen these headstones.

It could be a ledger stone, upright headstone, footstone, or plaque. No matter what you choose, you want to keep the following tips in mind for creating a custom headstone for your loved one.

1. Choose The Right Material

First, you should select a durable material such as bronze or granite. Granite is a popular choice since it is classic and resilient. You want to make sure that the headstone stays intact over time. It could break down due to vandalism, wear and tear, or weather conditions like rain or snow.

2. Keep Options In Mind

Keep other options in mind, such as the color, design, shape, and size. You might already have a design in mind for your loved one. However, this decision is often made after the person passes away. You should also keep your budget and style preferences in mind. Honor their legacy by including a purple heart or star. The most popular color options for custom headstones are black, gray, or white.

3. Add Personal Touch

Make the headstone more personal by including a photo, personalized inscription, epitaph, or symbol. This makes the headstone more meaningful and respects their legacy. To get started, consider some of your loved one’s favorite sayings or quotes.

What comes to mind when you think of them? What was their favorite animal? This can help you figure out how to style the headstone that honors their memory.

4. Get Approval

Contact the cemetery officials to get approval before purchasing the headstone. Follow your local rules and regulations when it comes to choosing materials, design, or colors. It can be hard to keep this information in mind when you are grieving a loved one. However, it can reduce delays in receiving your custom headstone.

5. Hire Professionals

You should work with professionals when creating a custom headstone for your loved one. A professional can guide you through the process and offer any input you might not have considered. This makes sure that the headstone honors your loved one and is properly installed. Compare at least a handful of professionals and review their reputations.

6. Do What’s Best For Your Loved One

As always, keep your loved one’s wishes in mind. It can be hard to honor them when you are mourning their death. Seeking inspiration can help you determine what kind of headstone to get. Sometimes looking at their belongings can give you a better idea of what details to include and what was important to them.

With these tips in mind, you can create a meaningful headstone. This guide can help you brainstorm some ideas. Talk to the professionals to learn about your options. From there, you can create a custom memory maker that respects your loved one. Designing a personalized headstone is a thoughtful way to honor and cherish the memory of your dear one.



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