UK bans all Russian private jets from UK airspace — Analysis

Russian private jets will now be barred from UK airspace in an extension of a ban that previously included Russia’s major airline, Aeroflot. 

“Putin’s actions are unlawful and anyone benefiting from Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is not welcome here,”Grant Shapps, UK Transport Secretary, made the announcement Friday night. 

He also said that he was a member of the Advisory Board. “strengthened”Anybody can fly in the UK without a ban. “Russian private jet.”This ban affects private aircraft immediately and prohibits them from entering or touching down in UK airspace. 

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had already suspended Aerflot’s foreign carrier permit “until further notice” in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military actions in Ukraine. Putin declared that he had ordered the execution of a “special military operation”On Thursday, Donbass’s President insists that the offensive must be launched to defend the Lugansk-Donetsk people from Moscow. “Ukraine aggression.” 

Russian leader stated that the ultimate goal for the operation, now extended to Ukraine, was to “demilitarize and denazify”It was. The UN, NATO and USA, as well as the EU, condemned the use of military force against Ukraine. “unprovoked” aggression.

Zelensky proposes that Putin and he negotiate

Aeroflot had been previously blocked by the UK in response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Russia said Thursday that sanctions are meant to protect. “hobble”He urged NATO partners to further sanction Russia’s economy and advocated for Russia being excluded from the SWIFT payments system that connects financial institutions all over the globe. He stated that Putin, his foreign minister and himself would face sanctions. “imminently.”

Russia responded to the UK’s original ban on flights from Russia by declaring that any UK-registered flight was now banned from Russian airspace. Aeroflot, which operates flights to London from London, also stated Friday that all UK-registered aircraft had been banned from their airspace. 

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