5 Important Reasons to Give Functional Chinese Medicine a Try

It’s East meets West and the ancient joining the ultra-modern. It’s called Functional Chinese Medicine because it combines the traditional healing modalities of the Far East with today’s high-tech medical diagnostic tools and practices.

Countless people today have discovered for the first time relief from medical conditions that their local clinic and doctor sometimes fail to resolve.

Functional Chinese Medicines provide healing solutions because it is more comprehensive in that they combine the best of the tried-and-true centuries-old wisdom with the scientific medical modalities of today.

1. A Focus on Root Causes, Not Just Surface Symptoms

Symptoms, such as pain, skin rashes, inflammation, and more are the way your body is telling you that something is wrong. Much of mainstream medical treatment today focuses on relieving the symptoms. It does not always look deeper into finding the underlying causal factor.

That’s where Functional Chinese Medicine makes a difference. It seeks to get to the root of the problem and affect a cure or treatment at the point where the condition is being caused.

2. It’s Science-Based and Effective

Functional Chinese Medicine does not throw out the baby with the bath water. That is, it embraces the legitimate power and effectiveness of modern medical technology to facilitate proper treatment. This includes delving into genetic factors, physiology, biomedical considerations, lifestyle factors, and more. In effect, the patient gets the best of both worlds derived from ancient traditional knowledge and modern medical science.

3. It’s Personalized and Patient Focused

Many patients today have noticed that their doctors spend more time looking at the numbers from test results and statistics on their computers than actually paying attention to the patient sitting right there in the examination room. Functional Chinese Medicine practitioners understand that each patient is a person with a unique personality and an emotional stake in their own well-being.

For example, two patients can present the same symptoms but may be suffering from entirely different problems. That means different treatments are called for. Listening to the patient and learning about their unique lifestyle is a big part of proper Functional Chinese Medicine.

4. It’s a Comprehensive and Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Functional Chinese Medicine takes into account the array of facets that make up the life of each patient. It is able to uncover causes of diseases and discomforts that a more reductionist diagnostic approach allows. Consequently, treatment may involve combining modern medications with herbal and/or botanical supplements, as well as vitamins, detox regimens, acupuncture, stress management techniques, and much more.

5. An Illumination to a Way Forward to Overall Health

One of the primary benefits of Functional Chinese Medicine is that patients can gain a thorough understanding of what is going on with their bodies in context with their overall lifestyle. This kind of knowledge is power. It puts the patient more in control of his or her destiny and allows them an active role in the choices made to live a healthier life.

If you are struggling with your health or simply want to be proactive, you should consider giving Functional Chinese Medicine a try.



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