4 Memorable Office Holiday Party Ideas

There is no better way to show appreciation for the team than to host a holiday office party. Holiday office parties tend to boost morale, build employee connections, and foster a sense of familiarity within the company. When looking to make an impression and lift spirits in lieu of the occasion, talk to the corporate event planners NYC has available to ensure the event is as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Below is a short list of four office holiday party ideas to consider. 

1. Host a Murder/Mystery Dinner Experience 

Few things can bring people together like a good whodunit mystery, and these murder/mystery events tend to work out exceptionally well for a holiday office party. Event planners can set up the event with a choice of unique themes. The planners will bring together each of the facets to ensure every guest is entertained as they enjoy good food and work to solve the case. 

2. Throw an Authentic Studio 54 Office Party 

When working with some of the greatest corporate event planners NYC has to offer, no theme is hard to pull off, even something as iconic as a Studio 54 soiree. Event planners can arrange everything necessary to transport a venue back to the disco days, right down to flashy disco balls and funky music to food and drink reminiscent of the exclusive nightclub. 

3. Plan a Winter Wonderland Inspired Fundraising Gala 

A fundraising gala is an excellent way to encourage office employees to get involved with local or important charity needs, but these events can also be a lot of fun. Traditionally, galas are high-end celebrations. Involving fundraising efforts during the energetic event brings together the spirit of giving and the joy of the holidays. Winter wonderland-themed office parties can include everything from snow-covered areas for guests to capture photos to a winter-themed dinner menu. 

4. Arrange a Pool-Side Sunshine Party in the Middle of Winter 

The holidays happen to take place during the coldest months of the year. If the crew at the office could use a bit of joy because of the chilly temperatures and lack of sunshine, get in touch with good corporate event planners New York has available and add a dash of summer to the holidays. Event planners can source spectacular locations, such as indoor pools suitable for a corporate event. Further, they will complete the experience with all the trappings of a summer day. From sparkling cocktails to authentic barbecue and summer-inspired music and decor, guests will welcome the temporary deviation from the norm. 

Plan a Memorable Experience with Corporate Event Planners in NYC 

Creating something other than the standard office party with a catered meal and standard gift exchange involves strategic thinking, thoughtful design, and creative vision. Therefore, enlisting the help of professionals who specialize in creative solutions for events is important. Companies like Twenty Three Layers (​, a corporate event planning company based out of NYC, helps bring client visions to life for corporate events with flawless execution for a truly memorable office party. 

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