4 Reasons to Have a Watch Repaired Instead of Buying a New One

Buying a new watch is always an exciting prospect, but it’s not always the best idea. Watches are expensive possessions, and they cannot be enjoyable when one breaks. There are many reasons for a watch to stop functioning correctly, but sometimes you can repair a watch instead of it being replaced. Knowing when to have a watch repaired can save money. With the cost of new watches being so high, repairing makes sense. 

1. It Preserves Your Watch’s Value

One of the biggest reasons to repair a damaged watch is that it increases the value of the watch rather than decreases it. Over time, any brand-name watch will lose some of its value due to wear, damage, and other factors. However, having an older model serviced by a professional can restore its original value and even add to it if you take good care of it after the repair is done.

2. It Preserves the Artistry

It’s easy to think of a watch as a simple device, but all watches are actually crafted, assembled, and put together with great care and skill. Each part has been crafted by hand, and original tools are used to assemble them. This craftsmanship is lost when a watch is mass-produced in another country. Restoring your old watch will help preserve the skilled labor and craftsmanship that goes into every unit.

3. It Preserves the Value of Your Memories

Sometimes, families and friends pass down watches to each other with great care and affection. Every time you wear a watch that has been personally handed down to you, it will remind you of the people who gave it to you, making it a part of your family history. A broken watch is almost always beyond repair, but by having a professional repair it, your old watch can be as good as new again and last for generations of family members.

4. It Saves You Money

Watches are costly and not at all cheap, even new. When you have a watch repaired, the work is done by trained professionals, not someone you have never met before. Most watch repair shops will charge less than it would cost to buy a new watch or send it to a manufacturer for service. It’s generally easier and cheaper to have your watch repaired than replaced after it breaks. It’s always a good idea to keep extra money stashed away in case of an emergency, such as a broken watch. However, instead of using the extra cash to buy a new watch or have one shipped overseas, it’s better to have the old one fixed.

Buying a new watch seems like the obvious choice when your old watch breaks, but it’s not always the best idea. When you have a watch repaired, you can preserve your memories, save money, and support a local business instead of a large mass-producer. If you’re going to buy a new watch anyway, it makes sense to have your old one repaired first and then sell it. This way, you can buy a new one while still saving money on repairs and getting more money back when you sell the broken one.



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