2 dead after devastating storm causes flash floods in southern Italy, turning city streets into rivers (VIDEOS) — RT World News

On Tuesday, severe flooding caused by a cyclone in Sicily, Italy, on Tuesday. The water inundated houses, creating blackouts, and washing away vehicles.

The Misericordia Regional Volunteers, who are supporting emergency workers in the region, said that so far, two victims of the severe storm’s fallout have been confirmed by a spokesperson.

On Sunday and Monday, the Italian Department for Civil Protection issued severe weather warnings for Sicily and Calabria due to heavy rain and flash flooding.

Authorities confirmed on Monday that firefighters had conducted 580 rescues due to flooding, with 400 of those in Sicily and 180 in Calabria amid the ‘red’ weather alert.

Online footage shows floodwater gushing into buildings, carrying vehicles and causing blackouts. Due to rising waters, schools have had to close and hospitals were forced to cut services.

“The emergency situation is widespread and extremely critical and it does not seem to be improving,” a spokesperson for the fire services said, with other parts of the country facing ‘orange’ weather warnings.

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