Israel begins vaccinating youngest age group yet — Analysis

Israel began administering Covid-19 vaccines between 5 and 11 years of age to the youngest group of children. In the days ahead, thousands of youth immunizations are planned.

According to health officials “several hundred”According to the Times of Israel’s reporting, children aged five through 11 were vaccinated Monday. They also noted that 24,000 more are scheduled for Tuesday shots, which is 2.5% of the eligible younger population.

“The disease is mild [in children], but there are cases where the disease can continue with long-term symptoms such as insomnia and muscle aches,” Israel’s Covid-19 czar Salman Zarka told reporters, adding “Along with protecting children, the vaccine provides a solution to a normal and uninsulated life. It will help parents get back to normal.”

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A health official stressed also that the United States had already vaccinated millions of similar-aged children with the vaccine. “effective results”To reassure parents, we noted that the government would facilitate the process. “as easy as possible”Mobile immunization websites.

This move follows a warning by Naftali Bennett, Prime Minister of Israel that Israel may be experiencing an epidemic that disproportionately affects children. However, younger people are generally spared from the most severe symptoms during much of the pandemic.

Of Israel’s population of around 9.4 million, 1.2 million kids fall into the five-to-11 age group. Health Ministry data shows that this age group is responsible for almost a third (or more) of the new Covid infections. According to the ministry, one out of every three thousand children who are infected by Covid-19 may develop Multisystem Inflammatory syndrome. This is a condition in which multiple organs, such as heart and kidney, become inflamed. It requires intensive care. It is possible to become fatally ill in as little as 1% of the cases.

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Some parents still remain cautious, Sharon Alroy Preis, spokesperson at Health Ministry, stating that this is despite the fact that some are still uncertain. “around half”While many Israeli parents oppose vaccination of their children at the moment, it is being noted by others that they are supportive. “it makes sense that part of the population is undecided and wants more data.”

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