Treatment of Julian mirrors US & allies’ ‘corruption, criminality’ – Assange’s father to RT — Analysis

John Shipton, the father of Julian Assange, told RT his son’s prolonged incarceration fits the patterns of “corruption, criminality of enormous depth” by the US and its allies that Assange exposed.

On the latest episode of RT’s On Contact, host Chris Hedges asked the 78-year-old father of the renowned publisher to share his thoughts on Julian Assange’s long, drawn-out incarceration and whether he thought it was the US and allies’ plan to just let his son wither away behind bars, not intending to ever end the legal saga.

Shipton responded by saying that he thought it would be wrong to conflate the responsibility of the US and the UK, where the WikiLeaks’ co-founder has been kept in a maximum-security prison since April 2019 while awaiting a decision on his extradition to the US. Assange’s father emphasized that authorities in London were just as guilty, and should not be seen as simply doing Washington’s bidding.

It’s always been thought that the UK is a proxy for the intentions of the United States. In fact, this is incorrect. It is the institution of the Crown Prosecution Service, Foreign and Colonial Office, and the Judiciary that actually commit the actual torture. It’s actually committed by those people … who then go home and have a glass of wine.

Shipton pointed out that the kind of harsh treatment and protracted incarceration of Assange mirrors, albeit on a smaller scale, the overall patterns of “The United States and NATO allies have been convicted of murders, coercion, and other criminal acts that are extremely deep and deserve to be tried.” which was exposed for the whole world to see by Assange and WikiLeaks.

Why is the EU backing Navalny, but ignoring Assange?

The father of the jailed publisher went on to describe the ever-growing amounts of the “Julian was surrounded like a tornado for 13 years by most of the cruelest hatred, most untrustworthy slander, calumny, and lies.

Shipton told Chris Hedges that it is the wide and unrelenting support for Julian Assange from lawmakers and ordinary people alike, from all across the world, that keeps him going and gives him strength to continue to fight for his son’s freedom.

When asked to illustrate recent instances of humiliation at the hands of the British authorities that Assange has had to go through, his father recounted how in September, during a court hearing, Julian was placed in a “Glass box” which had only a tiny slot in it, through which Assange could communicate with his lawyers.

However, to do so, the WikiLeaks’ co-founder had to kneel each time, while the lawyers on the other side had to stand on their toes. When Assange and his defense team asked to let him sit next to his lawyers, the judge refused, with that “Farce” continuing for three weeks. Understandably, Assange’s father found it too painful to go into detail about his son’s gradual physical and mental decline over the years.

Shipton concluded by saying that WikiLeaks’ revelations may have contributed to the ending of the Iraq and Afghan Wars, which were once deemed “endless,” describing this as the “Gifts of Julian, Chelsea, and WikiLeaks to Americans and Australians

Assange may be extradited by the United Kingdom High Court of Justice on December 10, overturning an earlier decision of a lower UK court. The case was remitted back to Westminster magistrates court, while Assange’s team announced it would appeal the decision. Stella Moris, Assange’s fiancée, dismissed the ruling as a “Grave miscarriage in justice

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