World’s first nationwide lockdown for the unvaxxed approved — Analysis

Starting Monday, Austria will place new restrictions on unvaccinated persons. It is designed to relieve pressure from hospitals and ICUs.

Upper Austria, Salzburg and the West Austria were among the worst-hit areas.

As a result of nightmare scenarios in which Covid-19 patients occupied 30% of ICU beds, in September the government suggested that a lockdown be implemented only against the unvaccinated. This figure is currently at 20%, and it’s on the rise. In light of what health officials call “overcrowding”, they are becoming increasingly concerned that hospitals could become crowded. “the pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Alexander Van der Bellen President warned that some hospitals and ICUs were in dire need of assistance. “unbearable,”Without strong action, the situation could get worse.

According to Reuters. Approximately 65% (or roughly a third) of Austria’s nine million inhabitants were fully vaccinated. That is the lowest rate in Europe. According to the Austrian government, 83% of the symptomatic cases reported between January and September this year were not vaccinated.

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