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Every season people want to stay up to date on what’s in as far as fashion. This winter is no different. The wintertime is a fashion favorite because who doesn’t like to cozy up in luxury sweaters, scarves, and boots. Helen Lee Schifter believes that winter is the best time it makes a fashion statement. Schifter was not only an editor and writer for Vogue or Mademoiselle, she also is an expert in wellness. Her contributions to the fashion industry are set in stone, and she especially loved New York during the winter. Schifter would make being warm look good with these fashion trends. Even though the season is changing, that does not mean that one’s has to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. One can use some layer technique to keep warm and still look in style. With Schifter’s fashion advice, any person can feel more confident while still remaining warm during the chilly months. 

According to Pinterest, in style are plaid trousers. Plaid trousers are great because they could be dressed up for a night out on the town or they could be dressed down. They’ll be great for a night out on the town or a business casual day at the office. One can rock them with sneakers or high heels. According to Schifter, one of the best things about plaid trousers is, they come in a large variety of colors and patterns for anyone’s taste. Trousers can be chic, stylish, sporty, and comfortable all at the same time. In style also are sweaters that are brightly colored and offer a turtleneck. If one would like to take it a step further one can rock out a turtleneck sweater dress to stay warm and look fly at the same time. Nowadays many people are shying away from real leather and are wearing what is known as pleather or fake leather also known as vegan later. Vegan leather has the reputation of being like plastic but thru the years people have worked their magic and made higher quality vegan leather. Helen has always been a fan of vegan leathers because of her Zen Buddhist background. She has been spotted changing her winter wardrobe to more sustainable pieces as well.  Now it’s hard to tell vegan leather apart from real leather as it is just as good quality. Never go wrong with fake leather in the color of black as it is very formal. It is very stylish and it’s very chic. Also, Schifter believes that black is always a flattering one anyone. 

How could one get through the winter without a nice plaid coat one can wear a plaid coat with some sweatpants and sneakers to make it a sporty chic look. One could use the plaid coat and wear with some trousers and heels and make it a dressed-up dinner out with the girls look. It can really look good with jeans and a simple T-shirt. One can find themselves this cold season looking warm and very sexy in a velvet split dress. The velvet material is the definition of luxury and the way it fits one’s curves and flattering to the figure. Velvet split dresses are a wonderful option for holiday parties. As a socialite, Schifte3r is often invited to hundreds of holiday events. For her personal wardrobe, it is important that if she were to wear velvet or something very wintery, that she be comfortable. Many individuals don’t value condor and as Schifter progresses in the fashion industry, she realizes that there are ways to be extremely stylish and warm. On the other hand, some like to really spice it up with velvet dresses in bright colors such as yellow-orange or red. Possibly, a dress in a plaid pattern. One can’t go without boots. Snakeskin boots are all the rave. It doesn’t have to be worn from head to toe in order to look good!    

Overall, Schifter tells Mass News that fashion is all about how the person interprets it. When individuals are fashionable, they tend to feel better and have more confidence. With her experience in fashion, Schifter has been to many shows in which she applauded what was being presented. Winter fashion is very fluid and changes from year to year. She enjoys seeing such transition because it helps her grapes just how monumental the fashion industry is, and how lack of an impact it has had on her own life.      


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