6 Ideas for Buying a Quality Wedding Gift on a Low-Cost Budget

A wedding is a joyous occasion, and everyone wants to help the happy couple out with a gift. However, not everyone has oodles of cash to spend. Maybe you’re struggling to find a low-cost wedding gift, or you want to give them something unique and memorable.

1. Look for Vintage or Antique Items

You can find many beautiful gifts at thrift stores, antique stores, or estate sales. Perhaps you can find a few vintage serving dishes the couple could use when hosting friends and family, or maybe you can find an antique mirror that they could display in their home. Especially if the couple is interested in vintage and antique items, be on the lookout for items that would mean a lot to them and be easy on your budget.

2. Give A Personalized Book

Make an image book of their relationship or one with silly pictures that you take together. You can use websites to help make digital books with pictures of the couple or could wait until after the wedding to give a gift of a book made from their wedding pictures. If you don’t have enough money to create a book, you can write a heartfelt letter to the couple telling them how much they mean to you or offering marriage advice.

3. Offer Home Cooked Meals

If you’re known for your cooking or baking skills, why not offer the happy couple a few of your home cooked meals? You can make a gift certificate or coupon and wrap it up as a present. This will be beneficial to the couple when they’re still adjusting to married life or are having a busy week. As an alternative, you could print out your favorite recipes and buy the ingredients in the recipes like people do for “Stock the Pantry” parties.

4. Purchase Items that You Can Find Deals for On Websites

There are tons of sites that offer good discounts on items that can be given as wedding gifts. This can be anything from an off-season deal on a ring to furniture to decor items that are nice gifts. You should use sites where they have special discounts on items important to newlyweds.

5. Shop the Sales

Shopping a store’s sale is one of the best ways to find a quality wedding gift to give while you’re on a budget. You can start looking a few months in advance to see if you can find anything on clearance or if the store is running a special sale or promotion.

6. Give a Gift With a Friend

To save money or have your money go further, you can also give a combined gift with a friend. This allows you and your friend to give a quality gift to the happy couple but split the cost which makes it easier on both of you.

If you want to buy a quality wedding gift on a low-cost budget, these ideas will help you make it happen easily. With such a wide range of wedding gifts, it’s hard to know where to start. Perhaps you’ve bought a bunch of stuff that never seems to last through the next guests. It can be overwhelming when you shop for a present, so make sure you pay attention to all of these tips, so you don’t spend money on things that aren’t useful.



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