4 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Use a Stunt Scooter

I really like stunt scooters. Not only are they tons of fun, but they’re very portable too which makes them a great option to take out with you and on public transport. If you’re trying to teach your children how to use a stunt scooter, it can be a bit of a challenge. But don’t worry too much, we’ve come up with 4 helpful tips for teaching your kids how to use a stunt scooter that will make it easier and more enjoyable. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Figure Out Their Feet
Just like people have a dominant hand, people have a dominant foot too. It usually coincides with their dominant hand. That’s to say if someone is right handed, they’ll probably be regular stance or right foot dominant. You can quickly find out which is their dominant foot by having them stand with their feet together and asking them to lean forward until they almost fall. The foot they first move forward to ‘catch themselves’ is their dominant foot and will determine their foot placement on any Stunt Scooters they use.

2. Help Them With Their Stance
So you might be unsure of what this dominant foot means in terms of scooters? Well that stronger foot should be used as your pushing foot, so it should be placed behind the weaker foot on your scooter.

3. Check the Scooter Height
Most Stunt Scooters are adjustable in terms of their height which means that you can use them for a really long time. This is a great feature, but also means that you should be constantly monitoring and adjusting your child’s stunt scooter as they grow. Have your child stand next to your scooter in their usual footwear, and adjust the scooter handlebar height to hit somewhere between their waist and their hips.

4. Don’t Forget Headgear
It can be tempting to avoid using a helmet when riding a stunt scooter as it’s easier to control than a bike or rollerblades, but it is important to keep your children’s heads protected, especially while they’re learning. If your child is particularly accident prone, it may be worthwhile to use knee and elbow guards too.

Once you’ve covered these four steps with your children, now it’s time for the fun part! You’ll want to find a flat area, ideally without any distractions or other people around and let them get riding. For really young children, you may want to help push them while they get used to scootering, but you’ll see they’ll pick it up really fast. Some kids might spend a while in this learning stage, but before you know it they’ll be zooming around so fast you’ll find it hard to keep up with them.

Teaching your children how to ride a scooter is such a fun life skill that can provide hours of entertainment.



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