Who is the Best at NFL handicapping?

Smart and successful handicappers know firsthand that you set yourself up for a profitable season not by the handicapping you do during the actual season, but by the hard work you did in the offseason to get ready for a prosperous year. Many people may not realize it but handicapping actually takes a lot of hard work, preparation and study to be ready to be a long term winner betting on the NFL. However, the good news is that most bettors are not exactly willing to put in the time and do their homework. This means that if you do put in some time during the offseason, you will give yourself an advantage over the masses. If you are interested in learning more about the best NFL handicappers, then keep reading below.

What is Sports Handicapping?

Sports handicapping is simply the practice of sports gamblers and spectators trying to predict and quantify the outcome of a game in order to place a winning bet. NFL handicappers are typically judged on what they predict, most commonly on the NFL point spread bets and NFL totals and money lines. 

In addition, oddsmakers are handicappers as well! They measure the probabilities between two team, which is actually how the point spread was invented. However, it is a little-known fact that professional handicappers – also known as sharp bettors – actually help shape a sportsbook’s odds. This is because the best handicappers are the true ones that are driving sports betting markets and moving the odds. 

Handicapping NFL Improves Your Betting Odds

Handicapping the NFL will better your results in every way possible. It is one thing to look at a game and think one team is better than another based on the point spread. In fact, that is actually the way that many people wager on the NFL. They use their gut and feelings. They are not paying close attention to the probabilities, line movement or any other aspect that might be important to making bets. 

Not only is it crucial to change your betting habits when it comes to football, but it is also extremely important to avoid the significant downfalls that cause bettors to lose. Here are three common mistakes that you must avoid when handicapping in NFL football:

Forgetting to NFL Line Shop

One of the most critical aspects of becoming a profitable sport better is NFL line shopping. Shopping for the best odds prior to placing your bet can easily save bettors hundreds and thousands of dollars over the course of a long NFL season, especially if they are betting large amounts. 

Placing Too Many Football Bets

When it comes down to football bets, there is no set number that you should or should not place when putting in your wager. One of the biggest mistakes inexperienced handicappers make is placing bets when they have no discernible advantage on the market or against their own numbers. 

Not Taking Advantage of NFL Betting Sites Bonuses

Reload bonuses and NFL deposit are the main reasons to bet at online betting sites instead of regulated land-based sportsbooks or local bookies. 

Best NFL Handicappers of 2020

There are a ton of handicappers however they are all not created equal! Below is the current list of the best NFL handicappers of 2020:

  1. Art Aronson
  2. Jimmy Boyd
  3. Larry Ness
  4. Rocky Atkinson
  5. Doc’s Sports
  6. Jim Feist
  7. Trev Rogers
  8. Will Rogers
  9. Kyle Hunter
  10. Dave Price

NFL handicapping is a fun and exciting way to place bests on your favorite teams and players. While it might take a little bit of time and patience to master, the result will be worth it! 


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