New Study Shows Regular Exercise Is Even More Important Than We Thought

Everybody knows that regular exercise has numerous benefits that help both our bodies and our minds.  I know that when I am under an extreme amount of stress, a great workout has always been by far the best way to calm my nerves. 

A recent study from Ball State that included an 11 person research team found that the extent to which regular exercise keeps our bodies and minds youthful was shocking to the research team.  In part of the study, it compared men and women in their 70’s who exercised regularly were actually in better cardiovascular health than people 30 years younger who rarely exercised.

One of the doctors said, “There is rousing evidence that being physically active affects how we age. Older people who exercise are healthier, more fit, better muscled and less likely to develop a variety of diseases and disabilities than their sedentary peers.” “The studies are showing that exercise alters the workings of many genes, as well as the immune system, muscle-repair mechanisms and many other systems within the body.”

One of the things I found most interesting was that regular exercise performed consistently for 50 years fully preserved capillarization and aerobic enzymes, regardless of intensity.  These findings show that the sooner we get started with a regular exercise routine, the long term benefits outweigh those of us that wait until we are out of shape to start an exercise routine, even though it might be more intense.

Another interesting finding was that the benefits to bone density and muscle strength were even more pronounced in women who exercise regularly.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been active since your 20’s or before, starting a regular routine of emphasising daily fitness has dramatic effects on your quality of life.

Even daily walks have enormous benefits for your heart, bones, muscles and mind.  Remember that Nanohydr8 was specifically formulated with the essential micro nutrients that our body uses the most during exercise.  It has been shown to make exercise even more effective. 

Make time to move every day and you will feel better and this will improve your quality of life as well as the lives of the people you love!

Adam Legas
Founder/ CEO Nanohydr8

Photo: My Dad, Dick Legas, 74, on one of his almost daily hikes with one of his grandsons.

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