What to Do if you Suffer a Personal Injury at your Place of Work

Workplace injuries are more common than you might think, with many thousands of Australian employees suffering a personal injury that is work-related, and if this should ever happen to you, it might be possible to claim compensation for the injury. The first thing to do is make sure you keep all forms of evidence related to the injury and indeed, the incident, which might include video footage, still images or even witnesses that saw what happened. Then you should search online for a law firm that specialises in personal injury compensation claims.

Personal Injury Compensation Lawyers

As you would expect, law is a very broad field, with many branches, one of which happens to be personal injury claims, and with a no win-no fee lawyer, you really can’t go wrong, as you have nothing to pay in the event the claim is unsuccessful. Most personal injury compensation law companies operate on this basis, and when you first make contact, the lawyer would be happy to give you a free consultation to determine the strength of your claim.

No Win-No Fee

Prior to the day when this system was put into place, many people who should have been paid compensation, actually lost the case, which left them with a large legal bill, yet thankfully, your lawyer would be happy to take on the case on a no win-no fee basis. If the lawyer felt your claim was weak, or indeed, there is no tangible evidence of third-party negligence, he or she would advise against lodging the claim confirms Ankin Law Office.

Gathering Evidence

If the lawyer feels you have a strong claim, they would ask you to provide things like:

  • Video or CCTV footage of the incident.
  • Still images.
  • Doctor & medical reports.
  • Witness statements.
  • Details of dialogue with employer.

The lawyer would also request bills that are related to the injury; hospital costs, taxis, etc, plus the amount of time you had to take off work, which will be used to request for a sum of compensation.

Out of Court Settlement

Your boss might be a very fair person and agrees that the company were negligent in some way, and in such a case, your employer’s insurer would wish to make an out of court settlement, which saves everyone time and money. You should never worry that making a claim will have a negative effect on your employer, as they are insured for this very reason and any compensation will not be paid by the employer, rather it is their insurer who would settle.

If at any time in the past couple of years, you suffered a work-related injury and you think that your employer was negligent in some way, then you should approach a personal injury compensation lawyer, who would evaluate your case and should they feel you have a strong case, they will represent you on a no win-no fee basis. At least by talking to an experienced personal injury lawyer, you will discover whether or not you stand a chance of claiming compensation for the injury.




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