Natural Remedies and Pacifiers for Teething

When your baby is teething, it’s upsetting for everyone. When parents see their babies crying in pain, it’s simply heartbreaking. They also may feel helpless if they are not sure how to treat the pain.

Fortunately, there are natural remedies and pacifiers for teething that can make parents and babies feel better. If your baby is experiencing teething pain, here are some solutions.

Pacifiers for Teething

One solution parents can try is to give their baby a pacifier. Babies massage their gums by chewing on hard, smooth objects making pacifiers the perfect thing for soothing sore gums.

Parents are advised to put the pacifier in the freezer before giving it to their babies. This will help reduce inflammation and it will also numb the pain.

When choosing a pacifier for teething, find one that is orthodontically shaped to meet safety standards. This will help the muscles of the face and jaw grow properly.

While any pacifier can work to soothe your child’s teething pain, there are ones that are specially made for teething. These typically have textured surfaces that provide maximum relief for babies.

Other Natural Remedies

There are several items and ingredients that parents can put directly on baby’s gums to reduce pain. These include the following.

Cold, Wet Cloth: Parents may provide teething relief by massaging their baby’s gums with a clean, wet cloth that has been chilled in the refrigerator. The cold wetness will relieve pain and inflammation.

Peeled Ginger Root: Ginger is said to have anti-inflammatory properties that may be effective in soothing teething pain. For best results, rub a slice of peeled ginger root over your baby’s gums for 2 -3 minutes.

Ground Cloves: Cloves have oils that can warm and numb sore gums. Mix ground cloves with water, unsalted butter or coconut oil to make a paste. Then chill it in the fridge. Rub it on your baby’s gums as needed.

Vanilla Extract: Besides smelling great, vanilla extract contains trace amounts of alcohol which can promote a soothing sensation. It can also work to reduce a baby’s anxiety. Soak a cotton swab with the extract and apply it to your baby’s gums to provide relief.

Freeze a Bottle: Try keeping the nipples for your baby bottles in the freezer until they are ready to use. The cold nipple will numb teething pain.

OTC Ointments and Supplements: There are many all-natural teething supplements and ointments that you can buy over the counter to provide relief. Boiron Camilia Teething Relief is highly recommended

Boiron is a homeopathic company that has won numerous awards for their effective and innovative products. Their Camilia Teething Relief is a tasteless supplement that works to numb gums without activating the gag reflex. In addition to soothing sore gums, it can also treat other sources of pain and irritability including minor digestive disorders.

When a baby is teething, it can be a difficult time for both the child and their parents. Fortunately, there are pacifiers for teething as well as other natural remedies that provide relief. Which do you think is best for soothing pain? 

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