What Technology is Necessary for Remote Work?

Remote work is the process of working from a non-centralized location. Usually, people find these jobs on the Internet at sites like WritingJobz and Fiverr. Some common places that people work remotely are from their homes, coffee shops or cafes, and collaborative workspaces. No matter which environment you choose to work in, you will need the same technology to do the job. This technology should be provided to you by your company whether that is directly or with a stipend to purchase the items. But to make sure you have everything you need there is a list of the essential technology that is necessary for remote work, no matter the industry that you are in. 


The no brainer piece of equipment that you need is a computer. This can either be a laptop or a desktop. Laptops are usually preferred because they are mobile which allows you more flexibility to move around as you need. Laptops also are sometimes preferred because they include some of the other technology you need such as a microphone or camera. A desktop is another option, which is favored for its reliability and stationary position. Some people prefer to have a designated space to get their work done. Desktops are also usually hardwired into an ethernet port, so they have a more reliable internet connection. 

Camera and Microphone

A key part of working from home is video chatting. Video meeting apps like Goggle hangouts, Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams are essential for the day to day meetings that occur. In order to properly participate you need a working web camera and microphone. As previously mentioned, laptops usually have this included. But if you have a desktop or you just want to improve the quality of your sound or video having an external microphone and camera are very important. Make sure they are compatible with your computer so you will not be stranded mid meeting without a way to participate with your coworkers. 


Because you are no longer confined to your cubicle or office, you may have different distractions. Some common distractions are children, pets, other family members, and just the daily sounds of your surroundings. To make sure you stay focused on the task at hand it is essential that you have a good pair of headphones to block out excess noise. Headphones ensure that you do not miss any important items in your meeting and that you do not lose focus when your dog starts barking in the background. Headphones are also another way to get a microphone as many are built in for your convenience. 


While you may not have thought about this as technology, having a reliable internet connection is essential to any remote work that you do. Make sure that your upload and download speeds are up to par, especially if you have a lot of data that you need to download or if you have others in your house that are sharing the bandwidth. Making sure that your internet is reliable is also vital for all of the video chatting you will be doing. If your internet is slow you may experience buffering or lagging which can make getting your job done difficult. 

Overall, if you have the right technology and equipment that you need you will be sure to be successful in your work from home job. Some other items to consider purchasing are an external mouse, Bluetooth headset, and an internet booster. There are also some non-technological items that can enhance your remote work experience. These include an ergonomic desk chair, a “Do Not Disturb” sign, and a planner to keep your work organized. Being at home can pose some challenges, but the benefits can far outweigh the cons if you are well prepared with all of the supplies you need. 


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