WATCH thousands protest in Europe against Covid passes (VIDEOS) — Analysis

Sporadic clashes brokeout at large Saturday demonstrations held in European capitals as thousands took to streets in Paris, Vienna and Rome to protest Covid-19 restrictions.

Austria’s capital Vienna witnessed the biggest protest demonstration since the Covid-19 pandemic. 38,000 protestors marched through the streets of Vienna to oppose government policies.

After ordering nationwide compulsory vaccinations on Tuesday, February 1, Austrian authorities imposed an immediate lockdown. The lockdown began Monday. It marched for several kilometers along Vienna’s main ring road. Traffic was severely restricted, and the city centre was shut down for many hours.

Austria’s Right-Wing Freedom Party members participated in the protests and put the total number at 100,000. Some protests saw members from various far-right organisations. Although the protests were peaceful, Ruptly’s video footage showed several clashes between police officers and demonstrators.

The total number of arrests made by law enforcement was five. In one instance, a protester attempted to take an officer’s firearm from the holster. Another incident saw a protester attempt to grab an officer’s gun and take it from its holster. The officers had to resort to pepper spray after being pelted by bottles and fireworks.

Even though Paris is hundreds of miles away from Vienna and Vienna’s capital, the events in Paris took an even more dramatic turn. The third anniversary of Yellow Vests movements’ 3rd anniversary coincided with a protest against Covid-19 government measures. Protests attracted hundreds of people, and quickly escalated into violence between law enforcement officers and protestors.

Protesters set fire to barricades, built them with sticks and pelted police with rocks and other projectiles. To disperse protesters, law enforcement used tear gas to a great extent. Sometimes they filled entire streets with dense smoke.

Rome was the scene of a huge protest against Italy’s Covid-19 Health Pass, also known under the Green Pass. According to police, around 4,000 protestors gathered in central Rome. According to police, the demonstrators waved national flags while chanting. “Freedom”And “No Green Pass.”This refers to the certificate of vaccination required to enter certain public venues, such as bars and clubs.

The crowd staged a sit-in in the Circus Maximus – an ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium converted into a modern-day park. After sunset they stayed there, lighting up the area with colored smoke bombs and thousands of cellphones. The police didn’t report any incidents, so the rally was quite peaceful.

Milano in Italy’s northern region saw violent clashes with the police after law enforcement officers attempted to disperse an illegal gathering at its city center. Numerous squares were also cordoned off by large police units that were stationed in the city’s center.

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