Man tries to set high-speed train on fire — RT World News

Japan police arrested a man who attempted to set ablaze a train by using inflammable liquid.

According to local media, approximately 30 people were in the car with the arsonist on Monday morning. While a conductor extinguished the flames, all the passengers managed to get to safety.

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Tokyo subway attacker wore ‘Joker’ costume and sought death sentence, stabbed 17 people before starting fire – reports

Police arrested the 69-year old fire starter after he boarded the train as it stopped for emergency reasons. The suspect, who did not resist arrest, later told authorities he “You tried to duplicate” the Halloween knife and arson attack on a train in Tokyo last month, which saw a 24-year-old man dressed as the Joker – one of the villains featured in Batman films and comics – injure 17 passengers before being arrested.

On Monday, delays of as much as 50 minutes were caused by the incident.

In Japan, there have been a number of attacks similar to this in the past few months. A man attacked two passengers in Tokyo’s train station with a knife, just mid-October. Nine people were injured in a stabbing incident that occurred on August 1st, 2012 aboard a Tokyo commuter train.

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