Fake illness? Police investigate suspicious Facebook ad after 12 passengers vanish from plane during emergency landing — RT World News

Spanish police are investigating an incident where 12 people fled a Turkish-bound aircraft that had made an emergency landing on Mallorca. The authorities are investigating whether the incident was faked.

Spanish authorities believe they may have been victims of a clever scheme by would-be migrants to get into Spain. After 23 people tried to flee an Air Arabia plane en route to Turkey from Morocco, the country’s police launched an investigation to determine if there was a violation of a migration law. The flight made an emergency landing in Mallorca, Spain on Friday.

One of the passengers aboard claimed to have suffered from a diabetic-coma, and requested medical attention. The plane was forced into landing. It was discovered that the man was alive and well after he was taken to hospital.

Others passengers may have taken advantage of this chance to get off the plane. A video circulating on social media, which has since been confirmed as authentic by the police, shows around a dozen people rushing through the plane’s cabin and running across the tarmac.

Law enforcement detained eleven passengers. The law enforcement detained 12 more passengers, including one who accompanied the man pretending to have been sick. He vanished with no trace. He was released from the hospital after he claimed to be ill and taken into custody for suspicion. “encouraging immigration and violating the Spanish immigration law.”

According to police, the entire incident was a result “improvisation and opportunity”They found a Facebook advertisement to recruit people for a plan which resembled Friday’s incident.

Since then, the author of this post has deleted it. He searched for 40 candidates to fill in for his posts. “plan”It also meant that one person would have to fake an illness in order to cause an emergency plane to land to reach Spain. One person was also to be held responsible, according to the plan. “handling the GPS”To ensure that the timing was perfect. In the meantime, other people would begin to actively demand it. “sick”If a captain is unable to respond, the person can get help. also available
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El Pais stated that the Arabic ad had received more than 6,500 hits before being removed. Although the police are still questioning detained passengers they do not believe that an arrest has been made. “obvious and identifiable”The media also added that there has been no relationship between detainees and their families.

The detained persons will appear in court Monday and face deportation back to their homelands. Police and Civil Guard patrols are continuing to look for the 12 remaining passengers who remain on the run.

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