Pope comments on ‘morality’ of arming Ukraine — Analysis

The pontiff said weapons shipments can be acceptable for self-defense, but not if the intention is to “make more war”

When Pope Francis was asked Thursday about arming Ukraine, he said that it may be morally right to supply Kiev with weapons.

As he was returning from his three-day visit to Kazakhstan, the pope spoke to journalists aboard his plane. He explained that morality is determined by motivation.

It is possible to sell weapons to other countries. “morally acceptable if done under the conditions of morality,”He stated. He said, “But an arms shipment.” “can be immoral if done with intentions of making more war”As quoted by Catholic News Service, he said that they were trying to either profit or lose something.

Self-defense can be a noble cause “not only licit, it’s also an expression of love toward one’s homeland,”The pope explains.

Pope Francis thought about the Catholic notion of a “just war”The blurred lines are a result of hostilities in many areas. He pointed out that Russia was a peacekeeper during the conflict between Armenian and Azerbaijan but has also taken military action against Ukraine.

While the pope was not a fan of Russia sending troops into Ukraine late February like so many public figures, some positions he took on the issue angered Kiev. Ukraine’s ambassador to the Vatican, Andrey Yurash, chastised him last month for condemning the bomb assassination of Russian journalist and political commentator Darya Dugina.

Pope is punished in Ukraine after he condemned journalistic murder

Russia accuses Ukraine of sending the alleged killer to Russia. Kiev refutes this claim. According to the pope, the bombing victim was a “poor girl”The ambassador lamented that the conflict was taking lives from all sides. Kiev’s ambassador implied that Dugina, the daughter of controversial Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin, was killed by the Russian government in a false flag operation.

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