Volcano turns a Canary Islands paradise into burning inferno (VIDEO) — Analysis

Cumbre Vieja has been spewing lava flows and devouring all that is in its way, causing the volcano apocalypse to last for three months.

Video taken on Thursday shows how molten rock is slowly and steadily engulfing trees. Over the past few weeks, the volcano has been producing scores of tremors each day.

According to Copernicus satellite tracking system, the EU has measured that lava had covered 1,073 ha of La Palma Island since the eruption began on September 19. It also destroyed more than 2,650 homes along its route. Over 7,000 people have been evacuated.

Photo shows La Palma volcanic eruption from SPACE, locals told to go into lockdown as lava flow destroys cement plant

In addition to the obvious dangers that lava can pose for any living creature within its vicinity, it is also possible to emit harmful gases from the melting of molten rock into sea waters. Three coastal residents were told by authorities to keep their doors locked Monday morning as thick plumes emitted out of the water. On Wednesday however, authorities lifted the ban on three coastal towns because volcanic fumes were at a lower level. Residents in the affected area were still advised to use FFP2 masks.

Flights to La Palma are now unsafe due to the Cumbre Vieja’s smoke and ash. The airport is closed from Saturday until Thursday.

La Palma has seen an eruption that saw it gain 46 hectares. The seawater cooled and solidified the lava.

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