Several killed as truck crashes into train (PHOTOS) — Analysis

According to the Hungarian Police, it was so severe that one train carriage got stuck and fell onto its side.

A pick-up truck collided with a train in south Hungary on Tuesday morning, causing injuries and deaths.

Police released a statement saying that the incident occurred near the Hungarian-Serbian border at Mindszent.

A truck drove onto railroad tracks and collided with an oncoming train. “derailed due to the force of the collision,”The statement was read.

Mindszent photographs captured the train carriage lying in the ditch. A pick-up truck had its cabin destroyed.

“Several people were injured and several have died,” the police said, explaining that it couldn’t provide exact figures as the rescue effort was still ongoing.

Firefighters, firefighters, and police have all been on the ground, with a rescue helicopter also visible in the sky.

According to local media, the death count was anywhere from five to seven and there were around twelve injured. According to reports, the majority of deaths were caused by those who died in the truck.

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Railway tracks were also damaged in the incident, with authorities saying that traffic won’t resume until Wednesday morning at the earliest.

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