5 Best Modern File Cabinets for Your Home Office In 2021

The use of printed documents has become less popular in the modern workspace. It is now a common practice by almost all companies not only to reduce operational costs but also to prevent further deterioration of the environment. Nowadays, they are printing only the files containing confidential and sensitive information. Even if the world adapts to the digital ways of doing things, you may still seem to generate quite a bit of paper, as seen from your overflowing folders and walls with several sticky notes. As a result, you still need a place to safely store this extra paper. Knowing this, the use of file cabinets continues to be relevant even today. It is a place where you can store all kinds of documents while having a place for a few wires, cords, and plugs. In this article, you would know more about file cabinets, their types, and their importance.

The top file cabinets to buy in 2021

  1. Tribesigns file cabinet with lock

This Tribesigns is a 2 drawer file cabinet that is dominantly black in color, rectangular in shape, and made from engineered wood materials. Its dimension is 15.75×15.75×25.98 inches which is large enough to store a lot of documents. It is a vertical file cabinet with one open storage space at the upper portion and below it are the two drawers. You can use the open storage space to keep home office supplies. On the other hand, you can place letter-size folders on the bottom drawer and large office essentials in the central drawer. The latter has a lock system to protect your files from becoming accessible to unauthorized persons. The surface of the cabinet is durable enough to hold office machines, such as printers and scanners. Take note that it has a maximum weight capacity of 110lbs. Moreover, it has four wheels to make it easier for you to change its position in the office and it has built-in brakes on each caster for added stability.

  1. Aurora modern Soho file cabinet

The Aurora Modern Soho file cabinet is available in three colors, namely aqua blue, black, white, and metallic charcoal. Each of these colors, except for metallic charcoal, has two versions, one with 2 drawers and another with 3 drawers. It has an anti-rust electrostatic spraying finish allowing it to withstand unfavorable conditions. To add to this, it has a high-quality drawer-glide suspension for smooth drawer performance. All the drawers have a lock system to keep your business private. The 2-drawer model can hold items up to a maximum weight of 51 lbs.

  1. Lorell vertical file cabinet

The Lorell file cabinet is rectangular and is only available in black. It has 2 drawers that you can use for storing letter-size hanging file folders. Its dimension measures 22x15x28.4 inches. The manufacturer equipped it with ball-bearing slide suspension to ensure maximum drawer extension and smooth drawer performance. If you want to keep everything organized, you can use the label holders on each drawer. In this way, you can group documents with the same purpose together. 

  1. AD Arazy file cabinet

This AD Arazy file cabinet has an interlock system to keep your valuables safe, especially when you are away from your desk. You will not have any trouble in fitting large documents inside the cabinet as it is 18” in depth. It has 4 basic wheels to give you the freedom to position it anywhere in the room. In addition, it has 4 casters to provide stability. In terms of durability, you can expect that it will have a long life due to its steel construction. It can accommodate items up to 200 lbs. 

  1. DEVAISE file cabinet

The classic white DEVAISE file cabinet is extremely sturdy due to its iron materials. Its size can fit under any kind of desk. It uses one lock to secure both drawers and keep them safe from any damage. Moreover, you will love its 2 high-capacity file drawers equipped with full extension slides. It has a metal pedestal with anti-rust electrostatic spraying to make the cabinet more durable. Mouse or any other small insects can’t enter the cabinet because of the drawers’ border closed design.

Why do you need file cabinets?

If you are working from home, you know the struggle of not having a place for your office essentials. Since your things are everywhere, it can adversely affect your productivity and efficiency. This is where the purpose of file cabinets comes in. It will allow you to easily access your important documents. The right file cabinet can provide the highest level of security and privacy. When you handle electronic files, there is always the possibility that someone can hack your account and access all your important documents. You will not be a victim of a data breach when you have a file cabinet with a lock system. Once you found the perfect file cabinet for your office, it will be easy for you to stay organized and keep the space in a clutter-free zone. 

Type of file cabinets to consider

File cabinets have varying styles to suit different tastes and preferences. There are four types of file cabinets that you can choose from, namely lateral, vertical, flat, and mobile. The lateral has wide and shallow drawers that can extend from the longest side of the cabinet. Its size can best fit in spaces with lower ceilings. If you have very limited space in your house, then the vertical cabinet is the best option. It has narrow and deep drawers that can extend from the short side of the cabinets. Another option is the flat file cabinets with short and spacious drawers that can hold large and oversized documents. The last option is the mobile cabinets that you can easily move from one place to another because of their wheels and casters. 

In a Nutshell

When you have printed documents, the last thing that you would want to happen is to see that they have stains or damages. File cabinets are the best solution to properly handle these kinds of files. Get one now to have a better workspace at home! Don’t know where to get them? Check out today!



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