US warship paralyzed by Covid outbreak — Analysis

A Covid-19 outbreak has forced the USS Milwaukee littoral combat ship to halt its deployment and employ an “aggressive mitigation strategy” to contain the virus.

Although the US Navy declined to reveal how many people were positive for Covid-19, it stressed that all crew members had been fully immunized. The sailors who were infected by the virus are now separated from the rest of crew but they remain aboard the vessel. Some infected people are reported to be experiencing mild symptoms.

More US Marines kicked out for refusing vaccine

The vessel is currently at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. This is where it stopped while on its way to deploy in the US Southern Command. The USS Milwaukee was evacuated from the US in December 14.

More US Marines kicked out for refusing vaccine

The Navy stated that exactly the Covid-19 variant found on the ship was present in a statement issued on Christmas Eve “yet to be determined,”He also noted that the CDC guidelines had been followed. “including contact tracing and testing protocols.”

“The ship is following an aggressive mitigation strategy in accordance with the Navy and CDC guidelines,”This statement boasted that he was vaccinated against the disease “continues to demonstrate effectiveness against serious illness.”

It’s not the first US warship that had to implement quarantine measures to combat an outbreak of Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic. IN the most scandalous incident, thousands of sailors on the USS Theodore Roosevelt were forced to quarantine last year, and at least one died, while the carrier’s captain was fired for sending an email begging for his ship to be evacuated.

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