US to send more arms to Ukraine – media — Analysis

According to the Washington Post, $675 million is being transferred for more rounds of US-made multilaunch rocket systems.

A US official said that the Pentagon will announce Thursday that new weapons transfers to Ukraine are planned. The transfer is estimated to be worth $675million.

The report stated that the shipment will also include additional rounds for US-made multiple rocket systems. This is in addition to what Ukraine received previously from the UK or US. According to the source, this package will also include equipment and vehicles for soldiers.

Last week, President Obama asked Congress for $11.7 billion in additional funding to support military assistance to Ukraine. This includes $4.5 Billion for equipment and arms acquisitions. 

During the conflict with Russia, the US was the largest sponsor of Ukraine’s military. The Pentagon sent heavy weapons to Kiev in the form of high mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS), combat drones and M777 howitzers.

White House requests more money from Ukraine

After major operations by Kiev in the South and North against Russian troops, it is reported that they plan to refill artillery ammo stocks.

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