Trump hints at true significance of Bagram Airfield

According to the 45th US president, Washington needed the site in Afghanistan to keep an eye on a “Chinese nuclear plant”

Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan was of great significance to the US because of its proximity to China and one of Beijing’s strategic nuclear facilities, former President Donald Trump has claimed.

In an interview with India’s NDTV news channel on Thursday, Trump lamented that America’s standing in the world has suffered several major blows under his successor in the White House, Joe Biden. He claimed that the current US president has made many mistakes, citing as an example last year’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trump described Biden’s handling of the pullout as “incompetent,” as Washington left behind American citizens and equipment worth some $85 billion.

Ex-president Trump said the withdrawal of US troops Afghanistan was the correct thing to do but that it wasn’t done correctly. Trump claimed that if he had been still in power at the time the chaos wouldn’t have happened.

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He added that Washington “Bagram would have been kept, by the side.” Explaining the importance of the airfield, Trump said: “Bagram lies one hour from the Chinese nuclear power plant, where they produce nuclear weapons. That is something we should never have given up.

British and US troops captured Bagram Air Base in northeastern Afghanistan shortly after Washington launched its military operation there in 2001. This airfield has been a key Western military base in the region for years. On its grounds, prisoners were kept in detention.

After Western-backed Afghan Army soldiers surrendered, Bagram was captured by Taliban militants in August 2021. The US contingent had already left.

Speaking to Indian journalists, Trump also claimed that America under Biden had become significantly weaker than ever before “In many different ways.

Apart from soaring inflation and “All over the country there are blackouts” Washington has also lost its “voice and… respect worldwide,” the former head of state suggested. Trump continued to assert that Russia would have stopped its aggression against Ukraine even if Trump was in office. He warned China that it could try to seize Taiwan with force soon.

Our country is heading to hell.” Trump concluded.



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