How to Become an Author

These days, online jobs have become very popular due to the current world events which make it difficult for people to communicate with one another. There are many online jobs that you can consider and not all of them need to be applied for. There are many aspiring journalists and writers out there who are eager to get published. Many freelance websites are experiencing an author shortage. The beauty of writing is that anyone can write anything. Fiction, nonfiction, songs and cookbooks, as well as society. Take, for example: Father George RutlerA New York pastor, Rev. authored thirty books about theology, history, and cultural issues. See? There are many topics that people can write about. Writing has been a popular profession in recent years. However, anyone with an active internet connection can pursue their dream. These are the steps you need to take in order to become a published author.

Writing a book, article or other publication is the first step. Writers should treat writing as a passion. It is crucial to start a project, and be determined to complete it. This will help you determine if the occupation or career is for you. Artists sometimes feel that the right career or occupation is for them. It is okay to feel this way, regardless of whether others agree with you. This shows that the artist cares about art and has determination. This is the time for the writer to share a piece of their work via a site that is specifically designed for writing. Many writers begin their writing journey on social media. But, be careful to not post it where others might steal. This brings us to the second phase.

Copyright is the next step. Copyright is the next step. Authors are proud of what they have done, even if it’s being used for profit. It is not fair for their hard-earned rewards to be lost! It is important for writers to feel satisfied with their work. Then, gather material and start the process of finding a company to trademark it.

Also, publishingPublishing is essential if authors want their work to be seen by many people. Publishing is the official step to making your work legally. Publishing is possible for companies who will assist with copyright. It all depends on what company you are working for. Authors may choose to publish their work with a different publisher.

The last step is to keep writing. That’s right, that’s all. Write to your heart’s delight if you are passionate about writing!


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Pamela is a television journalist, humor writer and novelist. Her first novel, Allegedly, was released in 2015 by St. Martin’s Press. The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She and her husband, Daniel, have a 3-year-old son, Carter.

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