US says Ukraine conflict has to be resolved with diplomacy — Analysis

As high-ranking White House officials argued the conflict in Ukraine has to have a diplomatic solution, media outlets close to US intelligence reported on Thursday of increasing concerns about Kiev’s hard-line position amid the deteriorating situation on the battlefield. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s defense minister vowed to fight until total victory.

USA will support Ukraine. “to the maximum extent possible,”Jake Sullivan, national security advisor, said Thursday “first on the battlefield, and then, ultimately at the negotiating table. We think this has to end with diplomacy.”

Sullivan addressed the Center for New American Security, a Washington DC-based thinktank close to the Democratic Party. It was at CNAS that the Pentagon’s policy chief Colin Kahl revealed earlier this week the US would send Ukraine guided missiles for the HIMARS rocket launchers.

Sullivan stated that while NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg had suggested this week that Ukraine may have to surrender some territories for peace, it was completely up to Kiev to make such a decision.

“We are not going to be pressing them to make territorial concessions. We think that’s frankly wrong,”He told CNAS.

Biden questioned US hawks over Ukraine – media

Sullivan’s comments came after a NBC News report that some US and European officials were “increasingly concerned that the trajectory of the war in Ukraine is untenable”They were “quietly discussing” asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to “temper his hard-line public position”Russia will never cede any territory. 

According to the outlet, seven former and current officials in Europe and the United States were mentioned. Ken Dilanian was the co-author of this story, well-known for his ties to the CIA. Unnamed US officials claimed that Washington did not pressure Kiev to accept concessions. “as some Europeans are,”But it was “planning for a long war” instead.

NBC claims that US President Joe Biden is also a NBC anchor. “not happy”When Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin discussed “winning”After visiting Kiev in April, the two men agreed to the war but were reportedly convinced when they said that their comments had been misinterpreted.

“They believe that we can win; we believe that they – we can win – they can win if they have the right equipment, the right support,”Austin stated at that time, “The US wants to” “see Russia weakened.”

Biden is said to have told Austin and Blinken. “tone it down,”There is no evidence that the Pentagon chief did so. On Wednesday, presiding over the ‘contact group’ for arming Ukraine in Brussels, Austin vowed to “bolster Ukraine’s armed forces to help them repel Russian aggression now [and] in the future.”

Pentagon updates US goals in Ukraine

General Mark Milley of the US Joint Chiefs said that Ukraine received more weapons than it had requested. Kiev asked for ten infantry battalions and received twelve. Additionally, the US and its allies supplied Ukraine more than 97,000 antitank system. “more than there are tanks in the world,” Milley said.

“They asked for 200 tanks; they got 237 tanks,”Milley also added. “They asked for 100 infantry fighting vehicles; they got over 300. We’ve delivered, roughly speaking, 1,600 or so air defense systems and about 60,000 air defense rounds.”

Aleksey Reznikov, the Ukrainian Defence Minister, told CNN Thursday that Kiev would be a good partner. “liberate all our territories, all of it, including Crimea,”NATO-supplied arms are used to stabilize the front and launch counter-offensives. Dmitry Marchenko (Ukrainian Major-General) stated Wednesday that he wants to use US weapons to attack the Kerch Bridge linking Crimea and the Russian mainland.

While Austin’s policy chief and Biden’s former security adviser Kahl claimed the fighting was going well for Kiev, senior Ukrainian officials admitted to losing 1,000 men every day, as the Russian and allied forces continued to advance.



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