US recovers lost fighter jet

A US F-18 that ‘blew overboard’ into the ocean last month was brought up from a depth of nearly 10,000 feet

A US Navy F-18 Super Hornet that was lost at sea has been successfully recovered by the US Navy “heavy weather,”After the fighter jet crashed onto an aircraft carrier’s deck, it sank several thousand feet into the Mediterranean. 

According to US 6th Fleet, the F/A-18E Super Hornet had been found by the US Navy and was brought up to the surface Monday. “recovered from a depth of approximately 9,500 feet”By a Navy salvage diving crew.

“The search and recovery took less than 24 hours, a true testament to the team’s dedication and capability,”According to Lt. Cmdr. Miguel Lewis was a salvage officer and said that they had completed the rescue. “safely and efficiently.” 

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US Fighter Jet crashes, killing Pilot

6th Fleet noted that this craft was taken to a “nearby military installation”They would be soon transported to the United States.

In the beginning, Navy reported that Super Hornets were carried onboard USS Harry S. Truman’s aircraft carrier. “blew overboard” due to “unexpected heavy weather”On July 8, during a replenishment operation in the Mediterranean. Although it did not provide any other details, the ship noted that one sailor was present. “minor injuries” and that the remainder of the Truman’s aircraft remained “full mission capable.”

A similar type of fighter plane was also involved in an earlier crash that left one Navy Airman injured in Southern California’s Mojave desert. Officials say that the cause of the accident remains under investigation.



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