Military police stop plane to arrest couple trying to flee quarantine — Analysis

Dutch military police have removed a couple that fled from the Netherlands’ quarantine facility for Omicron strain carrier suspects, just before their plane was due to take off.

Dramatic incident occurred at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, on board a flight set to leave for Spain around 6.00PM Sunday. The Netherlands Armed Forces confirmed the situation in a statement.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee at Schiphol has arrested a couple this evening who had fled from a quarantine hotel… The arrests took place in a plane that was about to take off.

The identities of the detained couple were not released, and it is unclear if they are were infected or just being held in quarantine as a precaution. The military handed them to the health authorities to have them sent to another facility.

Israel introduces world’s strictest bans to contain Omicron strain

After more than a dozen Omicron Covid-19 cases were found among passengers on South African flights, the country has been placed on alert. The Dutch National Institute for Health, (RIVM), warned that 61 of the 624 people who tested positive for Covid-19 were confirmed. “the new variant may be found in more test samples.” 

Every South African arrival into the Netherlands must be tested.

“We will control whether they keep to those rules,”Hugo de Jonge, the Dutch Minister of Health, declared Sunday that he would be addressing all health concerns in his country just hours prior to the attempted escape.



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