US quietly stepping up efforts to shut down Guantanamo – WSJ — Analysis

The outlet reports that a top diplomat has been named to oversee the transfers of prison detainees.

According to the Wall Street Journal, quietly the Biden administration is intensifying efforts for the closure of Guantanamo bay naval base in Cuba.

Despite being one of Joe Biden’s campaign promises, the White House took a low-profile approach to the issue during his first year in office in order to avoid political controversy, sources told the outlet.

The people with knowledge of the matter say that the US is getting closer to closing down the prison. This was built in 2002 for foreign terrorists who were captured overseas.

The WSJ reports that a top diplomat has been appointed for the purpose of overseeing the transfer detainees to Guantanamo bay. Tina Kaidanow (ex-ambassador-at-large in counterterrorism), was appointed as the special representative.

According to the WSJ, it attempted reaching Kaidanow in order for comments. However, the State Department spokesperson replied that Kaidanow was not available.

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The Biden administration has also been signaling that it wouldn’t interfere with plea negotiations that could resolve the lasting prosecution of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other co-defendants, the Wall Street Journal said.

Mohammed is currently one of 36 Guantanamo bay detainees. In the 20th century, it has housed around 800 prisoners, most of whom were not charged or tried. In 2008, the facility received its last new inmate.

Barack Obama made Guantanamo’s closure a promise, which was previously fulfilled by Biden as vice president.

In December it was reported by the US Department of Defense that a $4 million plan was underway to construct a new courtroom in the facility.

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