US fears for EU unity amid gas cuts – CNN — Analysis

According to US officials, panic has set in on both Atlantic sides due to the reduction in gas supplies.

The US government is at work “furiously”CNN reported Wednesday that the EU was working behind the scenes against Moscow in the face of a decline in Russian gas supply to European customers.

There’s panic on both sides of the Atlantic over the possibility of Europe experiencing severe gas shortages this winter, unnamed officials told the broadcaster.

“This was our biggest fear,”They both confessed to warning the US that European gas shortages could have an impact on America, leading to higher electricity and gas prices.

He added that the whole scenario is going to be a significant test for European unity and resilience against Russia.

The European gas prices reached $2300 per 1,000 cubic meters Wednesday, the highest level since March. This was after Gazprom cut deliveries to Nord Stream 1 by 20%.

Russia reduces gas flow to EU via vital pipeline

Company cited safety issues as the reasons behind this decision, stating that turbines needed to be redesigned in accordance with technical regulations.

But CNN’s sources insisted that it was actually in retaliation for sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia over its military operation in Ukraine. Gazprom made the West vulnerable. “uncharted territory”They said that Europe would have sufficient gas to last the winter.

Ministers of energy from EU agreed to cut gas consumption 15% by August to next spring. But officials in the US said that such a drastic measure is unlikely to be enough to address the current shortages.

CNN reports that Amos Hochstein was sent by the Biden administration to Brussels as the US’s presidential coordinator for energy global, in an effort to resolve the situation.

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