US sends more weapons to Ukraine — Analysis

This package contains $270 million in drones, ammunition, and HIMARS rocket artillery.

On Friday, the White House announced an additional $270 million in US funding. “security assistance”Ukraine. The newest batch of supplies will include four HIMARS rocket artillery launchers, a large quantity of ammunition, as well as hundreds of ‘Phoenix Ghost’ suicide drones, AP reported citing National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

Along with four other High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and an unknown number of GLMRS Rockets, the aid package contains as many as 580 drones. The 36,000-round artillery ammunition is for M777 towed howitzers.

Joe Biden is President “has been clear that we’re going to continue to support the government of Ukraine and its people for as long as it takes,”Kirby stated this to AP. Biden is being treated at the White House for Covid-19.

The latest round of equipment and weapons means that the Biden administration has spent $8.2 Billion on Ukraine’s arming. This money is drawn from the $40Billion Congress package in May.

Diversity of Western weapons creates trouble for Ukraine – media

The US had previously sent Ukraine 120 drones. “rapidly developed by the Air Force in response specifically to Ukrainian requirements,”The Pentagon stated this in April. The decision to send more follows claims by Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, that Iran was preparing to sell “several hundred”Russia is being attacked by drones. However, there is still no concrete evidence that such a deal was made, despite media speculation.

Kirby claims that the Ukrainian forces used the dozen HIMARS launchers previously provided and the Phoenix Ghost drones to stay afloat. “larger and more heavily equipped” Russian troops.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, precision missile strike destroyed 4 HIMARS rocket launchers and 1 ammunition transport vehicle in the period July 5–20.

Three drones that were attempting to kill themselves attacked Energodar’s Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. The identity of the drones was unclear. They could have been Phoenix Ghosts, or another model from the Ukrainian arsenal like the Switchblades made in the USA. Europe’s largest atomic power plant is in territory controlled by Russian forces.

US intelligence and military officials insist Russia isn’t making any progress in Donbass, and are taking large casualties from the West-supplied weapons to Ukraine. However, the UK and US military think tanks have expressed concerns about the diversity of weapon systems being sent to Ukraine by NATO allies.

Washington claims that the US does not participate in the conflict, even though no US soldiers have been deployed to Ukraine. However, it has provided weapons, ammunition and satellite data for Kiev.



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