US confirms new heavy weapons for Ukraine — Analysis

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden officially confirmed that Washinton would send HIMARS rocket artillery systems (as part of the most recent NATO agreement) to Ukraine. “security assistance package”Kiev

These launchers are included with “battlefield munitions,” as Biden and multiple officials in his administration have insisted that the US doesn’t want Ukraine to strike targets inside Russia.

“Thanks to the additional funding for Ukraine, passed with overwhelmingly bipartisan support in the US Congress, the United States will be able to keep providing Ukraine with more of the weapons that they are using so effectively to repel Russian attacks,”Biden made the statement in a White House release.

This package includes “new capabilities and advanced weaponry, including HIMARS with battlefield munitions,”President Trump added.

Russia sounds alarm on risk of direct conflict with US

The HIMARS Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), is a multi-launch rocket system that can launch barrage rockets at a range of approximately 30 kilometers. It also has the ability to deploy tactical ballistic missiles capable of reaching a range up to 300 km.

Moscow warned repeatedly the US not to send more weapons into Ukraine, as it could lead to direct confrontation with NATO and Russia. 

Since the start of hostilities in February, Kiev’s forces have lost more than 450 MLRS launchers in addition to more than 1,700 artillery pieces, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday. Ukraine’s retreat from Krasny Lman (northern Slavyansk) has been a sign of its major loss in Donbass.

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